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Funny Poems for Children 

By Josie Whitehead

Wrapped Gift

Illustration by Jonathan Evans

Penelope Pickle's Party

When Penelope Pickle threw a party
      She invited friends from far and wide.
'Now come along,' said Penelope’s mother.
      'There are lots of nice things here inside.'

She said: 

'We’ve putrid pears with sickly sauce;
Disgusting sprouts with roasted horse.

    Some bitter lemons with dragons’ eggs -

    Or you might prefer these fried frogs’ legs.'

'There are spicy toads and nice grilled snails.
Look!  Roasted slugs and puppies’ tails.
    Some deep fried beetles upon sticks?
     But goodness me, you all look sick!'


The guests crept out to get their coats
Just when she mentioned pickled goats.
    'Don’t go!  Please try this nice grilled mouse!'
    But all their guests had left the house.

           And Penelope's mother said:

                 'Oh dear!  I think I upset them!'

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