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F u n n y   P o e m s

By Josie Whitehead

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By Josie Whitehead

Percival Preedy

There once was a boy called Percival Preedy.

 Was ever a child so fat or so greedy?

       He’d bring his own lunch but it wasn’t enough.

       He’d eat anything else – even horrible stuff.


He chewed on his pencils and even ate pens!

They’d all disappear again and again.

     He’d munch on school books and even ate chalk

     And soon became fat and barely could walk.


So we all played a trick on Percival Preedy,

And never again will he ever be greedy.

     We gave him a pen with invisible ink

     And when he ate this he started to shrink!


He thrashed out his arms and started to bawl

But Percival Preedy soon became small.

     He was dreadfully sorry, and full of remorse,

     But no-one could stop him from shrinking, of course.


He soon was no bigger than a very small plant

Then shrank to the size of the tiniest ant.

     So we all waved goodbye to poor Percival Preedy.

     Let that be a lesson to all who are greedy.

Copyright on all my poems

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