The Real Story of Goldilocks part 1


Real Story of Goldilocks Part 2

‘I only went to look around

       And no one was in sight.

A table seemed to have been set

      Upon a cloth of white.


‘I noticed that there were three stools

      And porridge in three bowls,

 And all I’d had to eat today

      Were Mummy’s home-made rolls.


'The porridge had been freshly made.

       It’s smell was so divine – mmmm.

The thought of breakfast in that house –

      It suited me just fine!


'I ate the porridge in the bowl -

       Oh, how it tasted good.

One stool I broke: it’s leg came off,

      But you can soon mend wood.


‘I know I should have come to school,

       But what I did instead,

Was to go upstairs and, feeling tired,

       I slept upon a bed.


'I woke with such a dreadful start

       By some ferocious bears.

 I didn’t wait, but at great speed,

       I scampered down the stairs.


'Out in the woods I quickly ran

        As fast as fast could be.

Well, surely you would understand

       If you were only me!


'I heard the bears running behind

      And I increased my speed.

It's amazing just how fast you'll run

      When there's a pressing need!’  


The children now were laughing loud,

      And Goldilocks was too,

For she was good at telling tales,

      And none of them were true.


The teacher said: ‘You wicked girl.  

      Do you take me for a fool?

The work you’ve missed, you still will do,

      By staying after school.’

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