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Christmas Poems

By Josie Whitehead

Round Robins - Heading .jpg


By Josie Whitehead

Round Robins

Dear Josie 

Just to let you know our news - 
     I know you’ll want to know:
We’re off to join a cruise ship now
     And I’ll post this as we go.

I had a dreadful cold in March
     Which lasted until June,
But then we bought a lovely rug
      For our new dining room.

Our clever son came top at school,
     Of course with help from us.
Jim has sold our little car,
     But now we have a bus.


Our dog died from a heart attack
     And our cat was sprayed for fleas.
My back is getting better now
    But I’ve trouble with my knees.

I think that this is all my news,
   But I’ll write again next year.
It’s always nice to talk to you.
    Good friends are very dear.


                          Mary and Jim

Copyright on all my poems



* ROUND ROBIN LETTERS:  This much maligned yet still widespread phenomenon took off during the Eighties, when home computers  were introduced to the world. Suddenly, every amateur scribe could become a back-bedroom publishing magnate, able to type up an annual family news round-up of varying length – two pages being the norm, although some found it unable to resist circulate rambling efforts that are much, much longer – before printing off multiple copies and tucking them inside their Christmas cards.

For myself I hate them and so do many others.  Visit someone or pick up your telephone - or better still skype - the person regularly and check, in fact, that they are still alive.  Round Robins are not an act of friendship or caring and showing one's love.  Well, to me they are not.  Josie


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