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Seasons and Weather Poems

By Josie Whitehead

Lots of Spring/Summer Poems for you in the Northern Hemisphere, whilst in the South you have many Autumn/Winter Poems to enjoy. 

Spring Heading

Looking at the astronomical calendar the first day of spring is 20 March. The phenomenological method records dates of recurring natural phenomena such as flowering. For meteorologists, spring starts on 1 March and runs until 31 May.  For me:  Oh let's have spring today (1 March) because my spring flowers are bursting forth in the garden.

  THE BRIDE NAMED SPRING            (An Elizabethan ballad)

Ballads have a long history in music, poetry, and literature.  A ballad can be a slow, mournful love song—but it can also be a silly, light poem - or, just a lovely poem with images to stir the mind, and perhaps your soul too.

HOWEVER:  'Winter is still shaking his finger at us' as I say in one of my many poems, and he is, for following our lovely day of yesterday, today the sky turned black and the wind blew and suddenly hailstones hit the window.  One of my own favourite poems is: WINTER WHITE PRINCES - and the little snowdrops in my garden and everywhere else, bravely battle the hailstones, the rain, the wind and the snow that hits them, as do the crocuses (see picture above).  Come on Spring!!!

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