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Poems for Reflection and Discussion
- Secondary/Middle Schools -

By Josie Whitehead

Slow train 2.jpg


By Josie Whitehead

Slow Train to Mediocrity (The)

Why follow the others, like sheep in a herd
Or dress all alike or say similar words?   
     Why laugh at the things which you do not find funny,  
     Wasting your time and perhaps even money? 

Then dare to be different.  Do things that you like.
There’s one thing that’s certain, we aren't all alike.    
     You’re unique in yourself and quite different to others.
     You're not like your friends or your sisters or brothers.

If you’re unhappy with life, then quickly change course
And don’t end your days with a lifetime’s remorse.
     Take a look at yourself.  Be different.  Yes, dare!
     Don’t take the slow train to I think you know where.

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