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Funny Poems for Children

By Josie Whitehead



By Josie Whitehead

Smell Detector (The)

There was a strange smell in our classroom -

     Well, ‘strange’ was not the word.

The boys said smells were made by girls

     But the girls said 'that’s absurd.'


Mid morning’s when the smells began;

      They were awful, that’s quite true.

Oh, I don’t want you to be upset,

      But we thought it might be you!


When our fan came on, it was much worse,

      For smells can travel far.

They reached the office of the school

      And where Mum sat in her car.


Bad smells fly over hills and dales

     And towns and cities too,

But who on earth was making them?

      We were sure it must be you!!!


No-one admitted what they’d done

     And not one face went red.

‘Who’s made this smell?’ the teacher cried.

       ‘Did you hear what I said?’


No-one replied.  Nobody knew . . .

    And the children were upset.

‘A smell-detector’s what we need,’

     Came our poor teacher’s threat.

Next day she came, machine in hand,

     And we noticed she was looking.

What did that smell detector say?

     ‘That smell’s school dinners cooking!’

                                                      . . . Only joking!!!

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