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Senses Poems for Children

By Josie Whitehead         

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By Josie Whitehead

Sound Stealer (The)

A knock came on our door one day.
      Well, just who could it be?
‘I’m stealing sounds,’ the stranger said.
      ‘I need them,’ he told me.

‘Our world’s too full of noise,’ said he
      And opened up his sack,
And from inside, guess what I heard?
     A moo and then a quack.

I also heard a croaking frog,
     A squealing pig and more.
Oh, should I let this thief come in?
      I really wasn’t sure . . . for 

He stole my puppy’s tiny bark,
      He stole my cat’s meow,
And then he stole my poor clock’s chime.
       Our home’s too quiet now.

Our radio has lost its sound;
     Our television too.
My piano plays no notes at all!
     Whatever can I do?

I never hear our doorbell ring.
     Have patience, if you call.
My mail now drops quite silently
     To land inside my hall.

The telephone?  Oh don’t ring me!
     Its bell is silent too,
But the good thing is I still can write
     Some silly poems for you.

Copyright on all my poems

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