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Senses Poems 

for Children  -
KS1 and KS2

By Josie Whitehead

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This poem, with its speaking parts,
makes for an excellent PERFORMANCE POEM

Talking Taste.jpg


By Josie Whitehead

Talking Taste

Two crocodiles sat at a table and talked
     Of the things which they most liked to eat.
One said: 'I especially like fat little boys
    And, cooked slowly, they can be quite sweet.'

The other one said: 'Have you ever tried girls?
    You can fry them, or just gently roast,
But, when in great haste, you get the best taste
     If you slice them and eat them on toast.'

Copyright on all my poems

When I've made skype visits to children's classrooms, most often they have learned a poem off by heart and want to perform it well for my visit.  This poem is most popular.  Perhaps the idea of children being eaten appeals to their humour, but look at the links above:  In my poem "A Monstrous Thing to Happen" poor Granny and Granddad get eaten and he rejects the children.  Oh dear!                                                                     


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