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By Josie Whitehead

Teenage Bedroom.jpg


By Josie Whitehead

Teenage Bedroom (The)

Perhaps you have a teenage room
     Somewhere within your home.
You may not find their cricket shirt
     But you'll find their mobile phone.

Remove the dirty coffee cups,
     Clear up the biscuit crumbs
And there's the missing library card
     Stuck to some chewing gum.

The warring cry comes loud and clear:
     'You leave my space alone!!!'
Their bedroom isn't in your world -
     Your clean and well-kept home.

Just when you think it can't get worse
     And you cannot bear to look,
They start to hunt for missing things -
     A bag or homework book.

It's now they put the blame on you
     For things which they've mislaid.
It could well be their DVD
     Or maths book which has strayed.

One day, if you wait patiently,
     It will dawn upon their minds
That a tidy room will help them find
     The things they now can't find.

Copyright on all my poems




It's here that you can smile at me.  Rather than upset my teenage readers, I deleted this poem completely and then found that teachers and children had liked it so much that they'd asked for it to be put into one of the 5 books which were published with almost 400 poems in it in 2010.  In fact I discovered it in 'Josie's Poems: Celebrations', and I've had to copy it from this book and put it back onto this website as the books are no longer in print.  Perhaps you have this book in your classroom though.  It goes to show me that my audience are entitled to their views as well as I am entitled to mine, hmmm  I hope you like it and it brings you a smile in your day - - and, doesn't upset the teenagers for I've spent my life teaching teenagers and was so happy with my students.  Josie 

PS:  Oh dear - my own room needs a lot of attention.  I'm off.

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