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Spiritual/Reflective Poems

By Josie Whitehead

Planting a Tree


By Josie Whitehead

Thank You for This Moment in Time


This day I’ll never see again;
      The time will disappear.
The choices I must make today
     Will very soon appear.

I’ll watch the sun come in the sky:
     The hours will stretch ahead
And I must not waste this blessed day
     But treasure it instead.

I’ll choose between the good and bad;
     Please help me in my choice.
Let others whom I’ll meet today
     Hear kindness in my voice.

The face I’ll show the world today,
     Let it be kind and true,
And let that which others hear me say
     Be pleasing, God, to you. 

This day will never come again.
     The hours will swiftly fly
And, like an arrow through the air,

      My life will soon flash by.

Dear God, be with me all the way,
     In sadness and in fun,
And when I spend time you have given, 
      I’ll let your will be done.

Copyright on all my poems



When you've been at Death's door, as I have in the past - (a streptococcal infection from a scratch from a rose bush) - and millions of others have also for different reasons, then you begin to realize the value of your life.  Leave something good of yourself in this world to show that you have been here and leave, in other people's hearts and minds, something good to remember you by when you've gone.  I hope the poems I'm writing for you all will do this and you'll appreciate that I was given extra years in which to write these for you.  I'd never thought of writing poetry before then, but since then, children have asked me to write for them and loved what I've done.  I hope you do also.   Josie 

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