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Reflective Poems

By Josie Whitehead

Mint Knitted Scarf
School Supply
Jean Dress


By Josie Whitehead

Tidiness is Next to Godliness
Yellow T-Shirt

I’m awake now.  It’s morning.  I’m now out of bed

But I think that I’d far rather stay there instead.

     Now I’m off to the bathroom to wash my tired face

     And then comb my hair - but it won’t stay in place!


The next thing to do?  Ah yes, now get dressed,

But can anyone tell me wherever's my vest?

     Oh, but when I look down -  well what do I see?

     Yes, I’m wearing my vest!  Ha - silly old me!


Now then, where are my pants!  Oh yes, on the floor,

And my trousers are hiding right next to the door.

     My shirt’s hanging up.  My Mum’s washed it clean

     But my school tie is missing and cannot be seen.


My socks and my shoes have all vanished in space

So it's little wonder there's a scowl on my face.

     Mum was quite right.  Her words spring to mind:

     ‘If you leave your things tidy, they’re easier to find.’

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