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People Poems

By Josie Whitehead

Time to Go - Heading .jpg
Time to Go

There’s something that I need to do,

     But, oh, what shall I say?

You see, I cannot bear to live

     With her another day!


I’ll pluck up courage and I’ll say:

    'It’s time for me to go,'

But when to tell her - that’s the point!

      I really do not know.


I’d say goodbye and leave her now

     Except I’m not too bold.

Then winter’s coming on you know,

     And 'Goodbye' when it’s cold?


Springtime's not the best of times

    With blossom all around.

No, summer is a better time,

     Well, that is what I’ve found.


In summer we’re on holiday -

    So I couldn’t let her down,

For she would be quite desolate

     If I were not around.


Autumn in full glory then -

     Or would that be unkind?

Oh, I think life would be easier

      If I simply changed my mind.

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