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Animal Stories
for Children

By Josie Whitehead

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The Very Strange Tale of Ginger the Cat


By Josie Whitehead

Very Strange Tale of Ginger the Cat (The)

A barn owl hooted from above
    And lots of bats came out.
A ginger cat began to stretch
    And then he looked about.

'It’s playtime now for pussy cats,'
    Was Ginger’s only thought.
Oh how he purred as he recalled
     The stupid mice he’d caught.

'Come along then Ginger Cat.   
      We’ll let you go outside,'
And Ginger trotted briskly out
     His head held high with pride.

The moon’s bright rays shone from above;
     The barn was open wide.
With pleasure this conceited cat
      Thought of the fun inside.

Now Ginger was a greedy cat;
     Tonight he’d eaten well:
Oh lots of tasty fish for tea – 
He recalled quite well that smell! mmm

He snuggled down upon the straw 
     And soon was fast asleep.
He dreamt the barn door opened wide
      And in three mice did creep.

Well was it indigested fish,
      For that can cause bad dreams?

What Ginger dreamt, but thought he saw, 
      Quite made him want to scream!!

The mice began to grow in size! - 
     They grew and grew some more.
It wasn’t long before they were 
    As big as the barn door.

The three mice turned on Ginger Cat. 
       Oh, what could Ginger do?
'We’ve come to get you, horrid cat.  
       We’ll cook you in our stew!'

Poor Ginger took his only chance 
     And fled fast from the barn.
He didn’t want these fearsome mice
     To do HIM any harm.

He bolted back to his own home 
     And lay panting on the mat.
His owners said: 'Well, what on earth 
     Has frightened our poor cat?'

When 'playtime' came again next day, 
      Poor Ginger stayed at home.
'The world out there is hardly safe 
      For a ginger cat to roam!'

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