Poems About the Creatures of our Natural World

By Josie Whitehead


This is Henry, a Cayuga duck, who appeared suddenly one day and now is a regular visitor to my home.  Josie


By Josie Whitehead

Visitors to Our Garden

The visitors to our garden come

     In their twos and threes.

The ducks tap on our window panes

     And birds sit in our trees.


The moorhens, squirrels, pigeon too;

     The blackbirds, robins, wrens:

They disappear when night arrives

     But next day come again.


In springtime they're accompanied

      With young, just newly born,

And they expect, of course, to find

      Some breakfast every morn.


Young squirrels play quite happily,

     Chasing round and round.

They proudly show their skill with pride

     As up the trees they bound.


So, who comes to your garden then?

     You ought to make a list.

It's good to share the things we have

     With the others in our midst.

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Squirrel on Tree.jpg

Group Discussion We usually all share some of our lives with creatures of the wild, even if we aren't so lucky as I am to have a lovely garden.  So who do you share your life with in your garden, park or where you live?  Bring some photos to put around this poem on your classroom board.  Josie