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Blue Fish


Sea-World Poems 

By Josie Whitehead        

Blue Fish
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Image by Tammi Baliszewski


By Josie Whitehead


Now the whale lives his life
     In the deep blue sea.
He’s a mammal and he breathes
   Just like you and me.

Some whales are enormous –
     Much bigger than us -
And the blue whale’s bigger
     Than a double decker bus.

He travels round the oceans 
     And he thinks he is a king.
He dives and he leaps 
    And have you heard him sing?

He’s a master of performance
     And the ruler of the deep.
He has lots of little catnaps,
   But he never really sleeps.

Mankind’s his only killer;
     Other enemies he’s none.
He loves spyhopping, lobtailing
    And having lots of fun.

To him I’m just a midget,
   Not a creature of the sea,
But I wrote this poem for him.
    Did he write a poem for me?

Copyright on all my poems




Note:  SPYHOPPING:  When spyhopping, the whale rises and holds a vertical position partially out of the water, often exposing its entire rostrum and head. 

LOBTAILING:  lobtailing is when a whale lifts its fluke (tail fin) out of the water and brings it down forcefully to slap the surface.

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