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By Josie Whitehead

What Can One Say of Huddersfield?

What can one say of Huddersfield
      That’s not been said before?
It’s the fatherland of rugby league 
      And that’s a fact, for sure.

At John Smith’s Stadium you’ll find
    The sturdy Giants’ team:
Top players, eyes set on success,
    Fulfil a sporting dream.

Set in the north of the UK,
     With students by the score,

And with ‘teaching excellence’ in mind –
     Well, who could ask for more?

Now:  Humanities and media?  –
     Or music?  Make your choice - 
Whilst writing poetry for you
     Is where I find my voice!

Huddersfield’s proud roots go back
      To years of long ago,
But of the nineteenth century
     This is what I know:

Its textile manufacturing  
     Brought to this town success,
But Huddersfield, like other towns,
     Has simply changed, I guess.

Its mills and looms have almost gone,
   But standing in their place
Is a stylish, friendly market-town
    Which displays a modern face.

Copyright on all my poems

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