Poems About Our
Natural World - - - Birds

By Josie Whitehead

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By Josie Whitehead

Who Awakens the World.

In spring who is the first to sing?

     Well it isn’t me, for sure.

It’s not my Dad, for certain,

      For listen!  Hear him snore?


The blackbird first began to sing

     Upon this summer morn.

His lovely song on stillness came,

    And on the breeze was borne.

The second bird, the wren, awoke,

     Quite keen to start his day.

He joined the blackbird and the thrush

      In song, without delay. 


Then the robin woke up from his sleep

      And saw the rising sun.

He thought that joining other birds,

      Would also be some fun.

The pigeons heard the others' songs

     And soon began to coo.

They sang their songs, upon the breeze,

     And the chorus grew and grew.


The animals then woke and heard

     The birds upon this day,

Whilst children still slept in their beds,

       Not ready yet for play.


Before the noise of traffic comes:

       Before the noise of man –

Wake up, wake up and quietly hear

       Sweet Nature, if you can.

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