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People Poems

By Josie Whitehead

Mom with Stroller
Mom with Stroller
Why Are Parents Difficult.jpg


By Josie Whitehead

Why Are Parents Difficult?

When it’s winter, dark and cold, 
     And the clock hand points to eight,
Mummy’s voice comes through the door: 
     'You must get up, it's late!'


When it's summer, nice and light, 
     I’m keen to leave my bed.
'Go back to sleep.  It’s early yet,'
     Are words that I hear said.

So why are parents difficult? 
      I've thought of that before.
You want to sleep, they say it's late. 
     You want to rise, they snore!

On Christmas morn I want to rise, 
     My presents to explore,
But if they hear me moving, 
     They'll be angry.  It's a bore!

Another day, when I am tired 
     And want to settle down,
It’s: 'Hurry, get your coat on now.  
     We're going into town.'

When I am fast then they are slow, 
     And then the other way.
It's: 'Please be quiet! Stop that noise!' 
     Or: 'Go on out and play.'

There are some days I really try 
     And go outside to play - BUT
'Come inside, say cheerio.
     See you another day.'

The meal they've cooked, I do not want 
     And really cannot eat - - - - BUT
'You won't get down before it's gone!  
     You’ll sit there on your seat.'

Another time I'm hungry, 
     Eat up and ask for more - - - -  BUT
'You cannot have more ice-cream.
      It will make your tummy sore!'

You just can't win with grown-ups, 
     No matter how you try,
But battle on and don't give up
     Or run away and cry.

Copyright on all my poems 

Talking Point:  Are your parents difficult?  How will you be different when it is your turn?  Josie 
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