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B i r d    P o e m s 

By Josie Whitehead


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By Josie Whitehead

Chitter a Chatter (A)

With a  chitter, a chatter, a blink of the eye,

We jackdaws assemble in tree tops up high.
     A chitter, a chatter, a chimney pot nest -
     We think that our youngsters are some of the best.

With a chitter, a chatter - a friendly hello.
I am one of a family - a sociable crow.
     With a chitter and chatter I’m off to seek food - 
     No, not for myself but my hungry young brood.

You will see us in woodlands, in gardens and parks -
With a chitter, a chatter - it’s jackdaws, just hark!
     With a snitch and a snatch, we’ll grab your bright things; 
      And then off we will fly on our large outstretched wings.

We are regular callers if bird food’s put out
And we’re cheeky and daring, of this there’s no doubt.
     Now the sun’s going down and we’re off with our mates
     And the woodland’s the place where we all congregate.

But at sunrise we’ll fly from our safe woodland home
And then back to the world of you humans we’ll roam.
     With a chitter and chatter, you’ll know who’re around:
      And for certain it’s jackdaws who’re making this sound.

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