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Health Poems for Children
By Josie Whitehead 


By Josie Whitehead

Achoo Will Catch You .jpg
Achoo Will Catch You .jpg
Achoo Will Catch You

Everyone’s met Achoo,
    Known as the common cold.
He’s an evil little cold germ 
    Who’ll not do as he’s told.

He likes to pounce on people 
     For he’s such a social man.
He hides away in corners 
     And he’ll catch you if he can.

He’s invisible to humans 
    So you won’t know that he’s there.
He’ll be hiding in your classroom 
     Or sitting on your chair.

He’ll be waiting on the door handle
     Or flying through the air.
He’ll be hiding where you least expect,
     So is this really fair?

You’ll know when Achoo’s caught you 
     For you'll start to feel quite ill
And Mum might say: 'Stay in the warm -
      You’ve got a nasty chill.'

Your throat feels sore, your nose will run
     And oh how tired you'll feel.
The fact that Achoo’s caught you
     Isn’t easy to conceal.

Keep sneezes in your bedroom. 
    Don’t let Achoo get away.
He soon will tire of silly tricks 
    And he'll go another day.

By keeping him within your home 
    He can't jump on your friends 
And Achoo’s nasty, sneaky tricks 
    Will soon come to an end.

Copyright on all my poems

With Coronavirus (Covid 19) in mind, our children will well understand how infection is determined to go from one person to another I'm sure.    Josie 

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