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H e a l t h   P o e m s

By Josie Whitehead

Hearts and Shapes


By Josie Whitehead

Affairs of the Heart

Your heart’s a cone-shaped muscle
     Near the centre of your chest.
It works hard all your lifetime
    And it never takes a rest.

It pumps blood round your body
    With its steady little beat
And it shouldn’t stop its ticking
     Till your life is quite complete.

When you exercise quite briskly
      Or you dash about at speed, 
Your heart is busy pumping
     All the oxygen you need.

The steady tick accelerates
     As blood is flowing fast.
It’s a most efficient organ
     And it cannot be surpassed!

Your heart does many years of work,
     So try to treat it well
For if you don’t, I’ll promise you,
      It sadly will rebel.

If you do not want a heart attack
    And to die before your time,
Then check you do the following
    To keep it in its prime.

'A cigarette?' Say no to them,
     And don’t eat many chips.
Then use your legs more often
     When you make those little trips.

Eat lots of fruit and vegetables –
     Put plenty on your plate -
But don’t eat loads of greasy food.
     You’ll soon be overweight!

Now, turn off that computer.
     Take some exercise instead.
Try dancing, sports or walking -
    Don’t just lie there on your bed.

Whilst you are keeping active
      Then your heart will be content
And a healthy heart is happy
      Working to its full extent.

Copyright on all my work

Find out all the things you can about keeping a healthy heart and make a list.  In groups tick them off with each other, and please, don't forget these important things.  Josie

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