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Poems for Secondary and
 High School Young People

By Josie Whitehead

Friends at School
NOTE:  There are lots more poems for young people  in every single index.  

REFUGE is my poem for National Poetry Day - 5 October.
I have tried to put myself into the shoes of those who seek refuge.  There is a big difference between a refugee and an immigrant, as you will know full well.

. . . and think about making your own mark in our world on International Dot Day - or any other day in fact:  Here is a poem to put fuel in your tank:  International Dot Day

Send Me a Dream
Shall I Compare Thee to a Winter's Night?

Slow Train to Mediocrity (The)   

Small Voices
So Silently They Fall

Softly - an adverb poem

Someone Smiled at Me 
Something and Nothing
Son of Man
Sonnet for Sons and Daughters
Sound of the City
Story of Saint Patrick (The)
Stream of Life (The)
Swat the Lot
Sweet Dancer
Sweet is the Freshness of the Breeze
Symphony of Summer 
Teenage Bedroom (The) 
Thank You for This Moment in Time

They Call Me Mr Handsome
Those Distant Hills
Through Storms of Life

Through the Narrow Gate
Tidiness is Next to Godliness

Time to Go
Time to Let the Summer Go 

Tips for Tennis
Tomorrow's Success
Tomorrow's World  
Tread Carefully
Tripping the Light Fantastic

True Beauty 
Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
Two Worlds
Upon Man's Warring Tide
Veil (The)

A Visit to York
Wasting My Valuable Time
Walk Through My Lifetime
Wear a Tie, Young Man 
We'll Not Come on Your Tiger Hunt

We're British and We Know It
What Are You Listening To?
What is a Poet?

What Life is This?
What Makes Me What I Am?
When God Created Adam 
     and:  God Created Woman Next
When the Going Gets Tough
Where Freedom Reigns
Where's Your Smile?
Will You Dance a Little Faster
Wind - A Simile Poem

Wind - A Fickle Force (Science Poem)
Winter White Princes
With Mission in Mind
With Vicious Attack 
Wizard of Alderley Edge (The)

Woman, Why Weepest Thou?
Words in a Poem
Writer's Prayer (A)

You Adults of Tomorrow 
You're Somebody Special 
Your Postcode R
eveals the Truth


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