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S p o r t s   P o e m s

- G
 o l f -

By Josie Whitehead

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(Shadowing the tune of The Battle Hymn of the Republic,

of course.  Isn't it a battle on the golf courses?)

By Josie Whitehead

Golf Crazy

Sixty million people 
    In the world can't all be wrong
For, armed with balls and golf clubs, 
    They, to golf clubs daily throng,
And aiming balls at holes in ground
     Can surely not be wrong,
           As they go marching on.

Sixty million people
   Concentrate upon their ball
Then, with their golf club ready,
    Hope the next shot will enthral,
And the golf clubs open wide their arms
     To welcome one and all
          As they go marching in.

Sixty million people
   Poised and ready to begin,
And a hole waits in the distance
     For their ball to come right in -
Though, seeing how they spend the day,
    Might make a Martian grin,
         As they go marching on.

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