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Reflective/Discussion Poems
for Secondary Schools

By Josie Whitehead

Graduation Day


By Josie Whitehead

Tomorrow's Success

'Oh please Mrs McIntyre,

     Tell us what to do.

We want to get somewhere in life,

     Like others and like you.'


'I’ll tell you what you ought to do,

     Then don't ask me again!

You listen well to all I say. 

     It's easy to explain.'


'Don’t put the blame on other folk

      If you can't read or write.

Instead of getting down to work,

     You go out every night.'


'To achieve your goals in adult life -

      The ones you're hoping for -

You'll probably stand a better chance

     By staying more indoors.'


'Then find a quiet space to work,

     And sit yourself right down.

Take your school books from your bag

     And get rid of that frown.'


'You say you want success in life:

     Well work's what you must do.

The effort you make when you're young

     Will bring success to you.'

Copyright on all my poems

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