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Petrarchan Sonnet

By Josie Whitehead

Mother and Child


By Josie Whitehead

Sonnet for Sons and Daughters (A)

With human cries you made your small debut -
     Loud in voice, yet tiny in physique -
     And as you lay there, fragile and unique
Your mother loved you tenderly and true.

Her loving heart had room enough for you -
     A mother kind in temperament and meek -
     Who planted kisses on your baby cheek,
And gave her all, as other mothers do.

     But now three things she asks you in return:
     Bestow on HER the love she first gave you.
     Confer on her that time she freely gave. 

     Entrust your love with patience and concern,
     For lives together are quite short, it's true,
     And all too soon are parted at the grave.

Copyright on all my poems

*This poem was published in 2010 - 'Josie's Poems:  Reflections'.




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