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Spiritual/Reflective Poems

By Josie Whitehead


By Josie Whitehead

Faith, Hope and Love

It’s faith that launches many ships
     Upon the sea of life,
And hope that keeps them steadfast
     Through cruel waves of strife.

But it’s love that keeps our ships afloat
    When hard times knock us down.
It’s love that brings the sunshine out
    And drives away that frown.

With hope for brighter times ahead
     To replace the cares of now.
Just cast your woes upon the waves 
     And look forward from your bow.

Copyright on all my poems


This poem was published in 2010 (AMS Educational Ltd, Leeds).  It was chosen by teachers and children in many schools across West Yorkshire.

It was used in a class in the USA a few years ago when a student interviewed me and did a presentation in her class.  I am often invited into classrooms where students interview me, enjoy listening to me reading a poem and talking about it, and in particular they enjoy doing a poetry performance for my visit.  This enjoyment is reciprocated by myself, of course.  In particular, students studying English as a second language, enjoy this type of lesson and so I'm meeting young people worldwide luckily.  I hope you find this poem a good poem for discussion.  Josie 

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