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Reflective/Discussion Poems

By Josie Whitehead


By Josie Whitehead

Forgiveness Matters

What is the weight that you carry around?

What pulls your mind and your heart to the ground?

      Does bitterness bend you and break you in two?

      What advice may I give, that perhaps, may help you?


Forgiveness for wrongs?  This doesn’t seem right

For someone has hurt you with cruelty and spite.

    If you’re young, then perhaps you cannot understand

    And cruelty, by others, is hard to withstand.


You’re left with a wound, aching deep in your heart

And healing these bruises - well, where do you start?

      Forgiveness can help you to put matters right

      And permit you to banish that hurt from your sight.


Revenge seems the thing that will help heal the bruise

But revenge brings reprisals, so surely you’ll choose

     To bring that which has hurt you at last to an end

      And, by losing an enemy, you could gain a friend.


By showing forgiveness, you’ll show that you’re strong.

Maturity comes when you know right from wrong.

     The person who’s hurt you has lost a bad game

     And the pride on your face will put them to shame.

Copyright on all my poems

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