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Reflective/Discussion Poems

for Secondary Schools

By Josie Whitehead


By Josie Whitehead

Wear a Tie Young Man

Wear a tie, young man, wear a tie, young man -
For they make you look as clever as they possibly can.
     Wear a tie for a funeral and another for each day.
     Wear a tie when you work and one when you play.

Wear a tie when you drive and another when you walk.
Wear a tie when you’re silent and one when you talk.
     ‘No, don’t wear a tie,’ is what some people say -
     If you want to keep those nasty little germs at bay.  

They don’t keep you warm or hide the hairs on your chest,
And most only wear them when they want to look their best.
    We women ditched our bustles and the corsets went too.
     So if you want to join the modern world

                                                      - well, you know what to do!!                                        


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Similing Team

PS I'm NOT wearing a tie, but I had to wear one to school as part of my uniform.

I don't think Grannies normally wear ties.  Josie

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