Reflective/Discussion Poems

By Josie Whitehead

Smiling Portrait


By Josie Whitehead

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Why do some people seem to shine

       In whatever they may do –

Whilst others lack self-confidence?   - - -

       Oh, I hope this isn’t you.


Why do some people tell themselves

      They’re failures from the start?

 Then you will meet them in their lives

      With sadly troubled hearts.


You won’t be born with all your skills.

     You’ll have to work to learn,

But your future lies ahead of you

     And you’ll have to work to earn.


So discover things which you enjoy –

       Those subjects which delight –

And, knowing too, what you’re good at - - -

     Go forth and shine your light!!!!

Copyright on all my poems


Note:  MINDSET:  A growth mindset is the belief system that ability, skills, and intelligence can be developed. A growth mindset believes that change is possible and you can do anything that you set your mind on, and work hard for.   A fixed mindset is the belief system that abilities and skills are fixed. It's a limiting belief system.

I wanted to teach from my first day at school.  I just knew it was the work for me, but when I failed the 11 plus, the headteacher told me I must get this right out of my head because I didn't have the IQ.  Was he right, or  was I right?  I was because I set my mind on doing the work I knew I could do well, and I taught young people  successfully all my life - and enjoyed every minute of my work.  I didn't need someone telling me, when aged 11, what I could do in my lifetime!  My students all did well, passed their exams and I hope had a good life because I had a 'fixed mindset' in life and became a teacher.  And so I write this poem to encourage you all to work and do what you  want to do in your life - work that I hope brings happiness.