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Poems for Reflection
and Discussion

By Josie Whitehead

Mother Playing with Baby


By Josie Whitehead

I Stood Beside You

I stood beside you on your first new day.
I watched the opening of your eyes of blue.
I saw your mother gaze at you with love
And your father proudly took you in his arms.

I stood beside you as you slowly grew
And as a child, embraced the world around.
I watched you grow into the man you are:
A man of honour – someone to respect.

I stood beside you with your lovely bride,
Saw happiness and love upon your face.
With children at your feet, life was good,
And all around could share your pride.

And now your children are newly launched
To make their way and go from you.
They’ll find both pain and happiness,
And we’ll see their children starting life anew.

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