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Poems for Reflection 

By Josie Whitehead

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The River Wharfe, Bolton Abbey, near my home.
(My photograph.)


By Josie Whitehead

Stream of Life (The)

There’s a pathway that leads to a small rippling stream

      But thorny briars cover its way.

The sun warmly shines on the pebbles below,

      But is gone by the end of its day.


The stream chatters on to a new world beyond,

      Far away from its infancy start,

And it carries its joys, with its sorrows and pain,

      In its vigorous, fast-flowing heart.


There’s a stream in our lives that carries us too

     From our infancy, past every bend,

And for certain we humans must follow its course,

     From our cradles right through to its end.

Copyright on all my poems

How many of you have seen big changes in your lives?  How many of you have faced challenges and, tough as they may be, come through the other side?  How many of you have gone over 'waterfalls' in your lives, and yet survived the drops?  I've been through many of these things in my life and, luckily, come through on the stream.  The biggest one I had to face was when I pricked my  left wrist on a rose bush which transferred a streptococcal infection to me.  It is an out and out killer and I was told that I was one in a million to have survived this - and survived this long enough to write a poem about it, plus hundreds of other poems.   

Talk about some of the challenges that you've seen in your life or in the lives of your parents, brothers or sisters - - or friends.  Josie

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