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Rhyming Poems 
for Young People

By Josie Whitehead

Josie June 2016.jpg


By Josie Whitehead

Poet's Pantry (2)

In a poet’s pantry you will find

Ingredients of different kinds:

    A jar of metaphors and rhyme:

    Try them if you have the time.


In this small tin – well what’s inside?

Let’s get it out.  It mustn’t hide.

    Sizzle frizzle -  look what’s here!

    It’s crispy onomatopoeia.


Look!  Ballads – rhythmic - lyrical,

And this one’s quite satirical.

     A jar of love, a tin of fun 

     And nonsense too for everyone.


Alliteration?  On the shelf!

I’ll take a little for myself.

    Magic, mystery -  witchcraft too?

    They’ll make tasty poems for you!


Rhythm?  Yes, take lots - that’s fine!

My poems will bounce along the line!

     Stories?  Yes, I’m sure you’ll know,

     But that’s enough!  It’s time to go.

Copyright on all my poems

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