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Poems to Perform

By Josie Whitehead



By Josie Whitehead

Perform Your Poem with Pride

Throw that paper away  - put those words in the bin.
Lock them into your head and make sure they’re shut in.
     Now, with your head in the air and a smile, let us go:

     Oh don’t worry or fret – these are words that you know.

Speak slowly, speak loudly and make your voice clear,
Remembering that others are trying to hear.

    Connect with the audience who're listening to you

     And keep their attention, whatever you do!

Your face is important – your body as well –
And you’ll be surprised how much they can tell:

     Body language can say just as much as those words        
     But don’t make silly faces - that's truly absurd!

As well as your body, your face talks as well.

You’ll not be surprised how much they both tell.

     How do you look when you've had some good news,

     And how can you tell someone's suffering the blues?


You need to *articulate the words that you say

And make your voice interesting in a natural way.

     Rhymed or unrhymed poems?  That is your choice,

     But don’t perform rhymed with a sing-songy voice.

Throw  your voice with expression and vary the pace
For no-one is there who is running a race.
     In front of your mirror see the impact you’ll make 
    And this is the time you’ll correct your mistakes.

Speak with assurance and with a voice that is clear
For when you meet others, it’s the first thing they’ll hear.
     Last but not least, I hope you’ll have fun,
     For that is important, when all’s said and done.  
Perform your poem well and feel happy inside.
As your audience claps, you’ll feel inner pride.
    The joy that you’ll feel will show on your face
   For you gave of your best to the whole human race.

Copyright on all my poems 


* Best of all - invite this poet to your classroom for a skype visit.  I'd love to see your final, spectacular performance of one of my poems.




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