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Poems to Perform

By Josie Whitehead


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As I love to write with perfect rhyme and metre, together with pictures which are painted in words, stories and poems with speaking parts, there are hundreds more performance poems on my website, as well as these, as you'll discover, so this is a small portion.

Are you entering a festival for performing arts?  As well as music and drama, poetry will always feature in these festivals, and being able to recite (not read) poetry well, is so important.  You need to know how to throw your voice clearly across a room whilst putting expression into your performance.  Our own town's yearly 'Wharfedale Festival of the Performing Arts' is being staged here in Ilkley, West Yorkshire where I live very shortly but, sadly, none of my poems will be performed.  Josie

Your children will love
and they can sing along to this lovely train poem.
Bring your poem to life with movement and sound

Seek Permission


The safest way to avoid copyright infringement is to obtain permission in advance from the owner of their poem. This might involve contacting the author, their publisher, or a representative. Obtaining permission ensures you are legally allowed to recite the poem and avoid potential legal consequences.  For myself I am glad that you come to my poems from home or school, but if you use my work in a concert or festival, please do ask permission.  I may be able to help you.


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