Poems to Perform

By Josie Whitehead


Josie and children.jpg

As I love to write with perfect rhyme and metre, together with pictures which are painted in words, stories and poems with speaking parts, there are hundreds more performance poems on my website, as you'll discover, so this is a small portion.

Bradford, the area which Ilkley comes under, is proud to tell you all that we are now 4th in line for the fantastic title:  'CITY OF CULTURE 2025' which will bring in a great deal of much-needed money for our cultural enterprises.  Of course, poetry, and poetry performance in particular, heads the list because it links so well with many other arts subjects.

As a prolific local poet, writing for all age groups, but particularly for children, and, with 400 poems in 5 books in our library and 1,500 poems on this internet website (made by myself), which reach children in 188 countries of the world, I was asked to write a poem to help them win this much sought-after prize, and, of course, my poems, with their wonderful rhyme and perfect metre, make for lovely poems for  the performing arts festivals - and for ours in particular.  

Do please see these poems written especially to help Bradford win their award.  I feel sure that the town in which I have lived for 36 years of my life, Ilkley, will be glad that I support them in their work.

For younger children my poem is:  THE MISSING SUBJECT'S POETRY

and for older children/adults:          CULTURAL DIVERSITY IS WORTH RECOGNITION

Good Luck Bradford.- - - Josie