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Fun Poems for Children
to Perform and Read Aloud

By Josie Whitehead

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Foxy Food

Two rabbits sat in a restaurant and lunched

     On a plateful of lettuce and peas.

Said one of the rabbits: 'It’s really quite strange

     That humans don’t eat more of these.'



               'A plateful of lettuce,

                    A mouthful of peas?

               For lunch, human children

                   Just wouldn’t want these.'


The other one said: 'I really don’t know

     What humans would order for lunch.

These peas and this lettuce, when served in this way,

     Are delicious for rabbits to munch.'



                  'Children like sandwiches,

                        Biscuits and cheese.

                  Just peas and some lettuce?

                      We wouldn’t want these!'


The door of the restaurant then swung open wide

     And a gentleman walked through the door.

He’d a glossy red coat, a long pointed snout

     And a bushy tail, down to the floor.



                 'Look out you bunnies!

                       Don’t chatter away!

                Take heed of the customer

                      Who’s walked in today.'


A table was found and he soon settled down,

     And studied the menu with care,

But when he looked up and glanced round the room,

     It was then that he started to stare.



                  'Did he stare at the waiter -

                        A friendly young guy -

                   Or did a couple of rabbits

                        Catch his keen eye? '

Well, what do you think a fox might well choose

      If given a choice for his meal?

Chicken?  Perhaps!  Roast pork?  Well he might -

      A lamb chop or even some veal?



               'Well a fox isn’t choosy

                     When it comes to his meal,

                But perhaps he chose pork

                      Or a nice piece of veal?'


No, not on your life - but if given the choice,

      A fox would prefer rabbit stew.

So the choice for his meal was sitting right there,

     And what luck!  Not one - there were two.



                  'Wake up you rabbits.

                         Whatever you do!

                  There’s a hungry red fox

                          Who is looking at you.'


The rabbits stopped munching, the bill wasn’t paid,

     And a pudding was ordered?  Oh no.

Out through the restaurant, and oh at what speed,

      A couple of rabbits did go.



                  'Without second thoughts

                        Those rabbits took flight.

                  Their aim was to scamper

                       Far far out of sight.'


The restaurant owner then shouted with rage:

      'You two haven’t paid for your meals!'

Behind him, at speed - well I’m sure you’ll have guessed

     Was a red fox quite close on his heels.



                'How everyone stared

                    And shouted and cheered -

                But some held their breath

                    And some of them feared.'    


The rabbits ran on till they came to their field,

     And were glad that at last they were home,

And back in their burrow each rabbit declared:



                  'No, never again will we roam.'



Copyright on all my poems

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