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Funny Poems for Children

By Josie Whitehead


By Josie Whitehead

Yes, I certainly have  . . .

For I flew to the moon, then I kissed a baboon
      And had coffee at Buckingham Palace.
And then, on a whim, I went for a swim
      And had lunch with a cowboy in Dallas.

Then, just for a lark, I swam with a shark -
      Though the sea was a little bit chilly.
So, to warm up my knees, I climbed a few trees.
      Well, perhaps you might think this was silly.


So I climbed down again, took a plane out to Spain.
       It was here that I surfed on a swell - -
And so what about you?  Tell me what did you do?
       I do hope you've been busy as well!

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When this poem was published by AMS Educational in 2010, my 6 year old granddaughter, Jessica immediately learnt it by heart because on Monday morning her teacher would say to them: 'Had a Nice Weekend?' and she stood up and recited it to the class.  (No, she didn't read it).  Everyone clapped and she, delightedly, told me of this wonderful experience.  I was SO proud of her.    Josie 

Had a Nice Weekend?
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