Children love funny poems and, when I'm lucky enough to visit them in their classrooms some of them will have chosen a funny poem to perform.  I hope you like them too. 

Adventure of Samuel Spencer
      Smile (The)
All at Sea 
All Change
All in the Name of Poetry
All Those Silly People
An Armadillo Bought a Pillow
Are You a Master of Pasta?
Ask Them and You'll See 
Baldicoot (The) 
Bananas and Poems - A Limerick
Be Careful What You Wish For
Best Punishment for Boys (The)
Better Than the Rest
Betty's Butty 
Big Thanks to Google
Bless My Soul, It's Aunty
Brave Brave Sledderclob
Cameras Never Lie
Can Poetry Make You Sick?
Canine Maths
Cat is a Cat for All That (A)
Catch That Flea
Cecilia Ssssnake
Children's Questions
Certain Shopkeeper from Norwich (A)
Chemistry Lesson (The)
Cow Machine (The) 
Crocodile Came For Tea (A)
Dad's Ergonomic Chair
Daddy's Sneezing Habit
Day of the Test (The)
Dear Father Christmas
Decision  Has Been Made (A)
Dinosaur Dinner
Dispatching Your Tickle
Do Come for Tea, Dear
Do's and Don'ts
Doing the Shopping
Don't Be Scared
Don't Be Shy
Don't Scream When You First 
      Meet a Ghost!
Dragon Woman 
Dreaming of Monsters  
Easy Peasy - But What a Squeezy!
Exercise is Good for You
Family Resemblances
Fidgety Fred
Fifty Pairs of Shoes, Please
Fish and Chips Again
Fish That Swallowed Granny's 
     Teeth (The)
Flomping Wergles
Floppopotamus (The)
Forgive Me, Mum
Frolicking Frog (A)
Fruit and Vegetables 
     May Not be Good for You
Fruit is Good for You 
Giant's Pants (A)
Giggling Gertie
God, Save Me From Them All!
Granddad's Nightmare
Granddad's Toupee
Granny's Parrot 
Gran's Cuckoo Clock
Greedy Bookworm (The)
Green Folk of Babonga (The)
Had a Nice Weekend?
Have You Ever Considered a
       Bear Hug?
Heaven Only Knows!
Henry the Super-sucker
His Nose on His Knee
Hop Till You Drop 
House Full of Smellies (A)
House is a Home for Me (A)
How Do Children Taste?
Hug a Bug or Kiss a Slug?
Human Burger (A)
Hypochondriac (The)
I Couldn't Eat a Whole One
I Forget
I Heard a Lion Roaring 
I Keep a Penguin in my Pocket
I Know Just the Place
I Wish
I'll Never Be a Laureate
I'll Teach You How to Scare 
I'm Perfectly Normal You Know
Identity Acceptance
If I Were But a Big Baboon
If I Were a Lion
If Pigs Could Fly 
In Search of Mr Right
Is It Friday 13th or . . . ?


and have you ever tried