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Funny Poems for Children

By Josie Whitehead

Is it Friday 13th.jpg

IS IT FRIDAY 13th or . . . ?

By Josie Whitehead

Is It Friday 13th or . . . .

My kettle, this morning, gave up the ghost.
My grill isn’t working and we couldn’t have toast.
    My sweeper stopped working.  There’s dust on my floor
    And, when I put out my washing, it started to pour.

The drain is now blocked and the smell is atrocious
And even my sweet-tempered dog’s now ferocious – grrr!
    The freezer’s packed up and my ice cream’s all runny!
    Oh, please stop your laughing – it’s not very funny!

The toilet’s not working and the electric is off.
I have a sore throat and developed a COUGH!!
    The news on the tele made me sit down and weep,
    But I thankfully awoke from this nightmarish sleep.

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