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Senses Poems/Funny Poems
for Children

By Josie Whitehead

Illustration:  Peter Hudspith


By Josie Whitehead

When I'm Hungry

If Granny was a biscuit
     And Granddad was a cake;
If Mummy was a lollipop
     And Dad a nice milkshake –

If my sister was a toffee
    And my brother was a bun; 
Why, when I felt quite hungry,
      Then I’d eat them every one.

Copyright on all my poems





So, I was asked, on one occasion, to pick up two grandchildren from school and, on  the way to our home, which was an hour away, I kept hearing the words:  'I'm hungry'.  So, with a poetic Granny at the steering wheel, what did they expect to get in response?  Yes, the above poem and I have to tell you that they screamed with laughter.  I hope that this poem goes down well in your class and you can tell me if it does.  I LOVE the beautiful illustration which was done for us by the wonderful children's illustrator:  PETER HUDSPITH.  I'd love to have my poems published with his pictures to accompany them - - - -  but, you'll say, they already are . . here.  You're right.  Josie

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