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Funny Poems

By Josie Whitehead

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By Josie Whitehead

Who'd Want to be Famous

Who’d want to be famous?  I don’t – do you?

I’d feel like a monkey that’s caged in a zoo.

    I don’t like folk staring - especially at me.

    Oh!  It’s SO embarrassing!  Don’t you agree?


Who’d want to be famous?  Well I don’t like fame,

For there I would be with my face all aflame.   

     You’d ask me a question; my mind would go blank

     And I'd feel very foolish, I have to be frank!


The phone would be ringing from morning till night,

And my life, it would seem, would be in a plight - - -

     For I’d want to escape to my own private place

     Where for certain I’d vanish without any trace.


Who’d want to be famous?  I don’t – do you?

So I’ll wish all that fame and that fortune adieu.

     Be famous?  Not likely!  Now, I hope you’ll excuse,

     For I'm off to a meeting with my poetic muse.

Copyright on all my poems

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