Funny Poems for Children

By Josie Whitehead

Unlucky Friday 13th - Wix.jpg
Unlucky Friday 13th

I’ve broken my arm and bruised my nose.
I've gashed my finger and stubbed my toes.
     I’ve fallen down stairs and broken my knee
     But other than that, I’m as fit as a flea.

I’ve injured my back and bumped my head 
And did these things when I got out of bed,
     I’ve broken my glasses and now cannot see -
     But other than that, I’m as fit as a flea.

I then cut my finger when slicing some pears,
And fell top to bottom when coming downstairs,
I walked into a door. Oh, my face had a blow -
      But it’s Friday the 13th.  Oh didn’t you know?

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Write down all the verbs I've used in my poem.  Let's see who can find the most.  Josie