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Funny Poems for Children

By Josie Whitehead

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By Josie Whitehead

I Forget

My Mum asked my brother: 'What did you do

     All day whilst at school?'  'I forget!'

My Dad asked my brother:  'What did you play?'      

      'I forget, I forget, I forget!'


Yet my brother – a boy, only five years of age -

    Can’t remember a thing, that’s for sure,

So asking him what did he eat for his lunch

     Makes him yawn.  It’s a bit of a bore.


Now ask him about how he got on in maths –

     And, today, did he do well at sport?

But for certain I know that you will not learn much

     And his answer will sound like a snort.


But he will remember the promises made

     By our Dad to both him and to me.

He promised that if we’d been very good boys

     We could watch something late on TV.


We won’t forget promises made by our Dad.

     His promises mean much to us!

But why do you adults keep bothering us

    With questions that just cause us fuss?



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