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People Poems for Children

By Josie Whitehead

Family Trip
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By Josie Whitehead

Mr Boring

I know a man called 'Boring'

     And he really is a bore!

When he’s not talking dreary talk

      He goes to bed and snores.


He wears lacklustre trousers

     And a hat that’s dull and drab.

The strangest thing about him though

      Is he thinks he is fab.


He has no friends - of course not –

     For he’s such a stuffy bloke,

And when he comes upon the scene

      Folk disappear like smoke.


Well, should we let old Boring know

     Just what we think of him?

Or should we throw him out to sea

      And hope that he can swim?


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Notes:  Lacklustre: - - Does it mean: brightly coloured, stylish, uninspired or attractive?  What is the opposite of lacklustre.

Lacklustre is an adjective, describing the noun 'trousers'.  I have used so many adjectives in my poems.  Write down as many other adjectives and their meanings that you can find.  When describing someone, you need lots of adjectives - but hopefully, your person, will be a much nicer person than Mr Boring.