People Poems -

Family History - for Children

By Josie Whitehead

Your Family Tree - yellow.jpg


By Josie Whitehead

Your Family Tree

Have you studied your family history?
    Have you built up your family tree?
Of course there are other relations 
    Who're looking for you and for me.

I’ve found that a far removed cousin
    Was an Earl from the Isle of Wight.
Their daughter in law, though divorced now,
    Had a father, a very rich knight.

The daughter of  grandmama's uncle 
      Fell in love with a sportsman in Spain;
Then they both went to live in Jamaica
    And neither were heard of again.

My grandfather's long lost relation
    Was transported for stealing a cow –
But it seems he was very productive
  For we’ve hundreds more relatives now.

Family history can be quite absorbing:
    It can bring you some laughs to your life -
Or you could hit on something disturbing:
    Your lost cousin is also your wife.

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