Funny Poems for Children

By Josie Whitehead

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This is indeed a Poem to Perform

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Oh No, No, NO!

By Josie Whitehead

Trust a Giant

‘I am a giant who’s big and strong,
With a friendly face, and hair that’s long.
     My giant’s feet, on cold, hard ground,
 Go clump clump clump – a frightening sound!’

‘Clump clump clump – oh, yes, that’s me.
My feet make such a noise, you see.
      I just can’t tiptoe as you can
      For I’m a big and noisy man.’

‘Clump clump clump!  How children shake
When they hear all the noise I make.
      But children please don’t be afraid.
      Don’t run and hide or be dismayed.’

‘I don’t eat children for my meal.
They’re rather noisy when they squeal.
      I much prefer your mum or dad;
      Your nice plump granny or granddad.’

‘Come, let’s make friends.  Don’t run away!
Look!   I’m quite friendly.  Please do stay!’
      But trust a giant?  Oh no no no!!!
      I think, like you, it’s time to go.

                                                 - - -  Come on!

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