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People Poems for Children

By Josie Whitehead

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(A Performance Poem for Several Voices)

By Josie Whitehead

Wally the Werk

'Whatever happened to Wally the Werk?
At school he seemed - well, like a bit of a *berk.'
      'He wasted his time at school in our class,
      'And how the poor teachers he loved to harass.'

'He was boring, was stupid and a bit of a wimp.'
'He was lazy and crazy with hair long and limp!'
     'I never knew Wally to polish his shoes.'
'When other folk worked, he’d be having a snooze.'

'So, what did become, then, of Wally the Werk?'
'When I tell you the truth, you really will smirk,
       For Wally’s done well – he’s a millionaire!
       So if you are a wally, you mustn’t despair.'

Copyright on all my poems

* Wally?  A silly or awkward person.

'I must have looked a total wally but I didn't care!'

* Berk - British slang meaning:  a stupid person, fool.




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