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Funny Poems for Children

By Josie Whitehead



By Josie Whitehead

My Hairy Scary Monster

There’s a hairy scary monster

     That sits upon my bed.

I’ve told him he’d be better off

     By joining you instead.


I’ve tried my best to drive him out.

     I’ve told him he must go,

But if you’ve ideas that I have missed,

     I’d really like to know.


Should I pretend he isn’t there

    Or show him I don’t care?

Or should I show my bravest face

    And say: 'You’ll never scare?'


I think I know what I will do

     But do you think it’s kind?

I’ll send him to my Granny’s house.

     I don’t think Gran will mind.


This hairy scary monster will,

     To Granny, seem SO sweet

And in the night she’ll be quite pleased

     To have him warm her feet.


They’ll both become the best of friends

      And my worries be no more,

And, with my bedroom to myself,

      I'll be happier for sure!

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