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Funny Poems
for Children

By Josie Whitehead

Cameras Never Lie - Wix .jpg


By Josie Whitehead

Cameras Never Lie

A witch sat in a photo booth -
      An ugly hag was she!
She tried to make herself look nice - 
     Well, just like you or me.

She twirled around upon the seat
     And even forced a smile - - -
And then she cast a magic spell
     To make her looks worthwhile.

She held onto her witch’s hat;
     Gave the machine a kick,
And, grinning as she looked ahead,
     She heard a tiny click.

A gurgling, churning, rumbling sound
     Arose from deep inside.
The witch believed that she’d look good
     And felt a sense of pride.

Her photograph she felt quite sure
     Would truly represent
The lovely lady that she was
     With no cause for lament.

There came a loud chug-chugging sound
     And out the photo came,
But the look upon the witch’s face
     Was one of heartfelt shame.

The ugly face that she beheld
     Brought tears into her eyes,
But she, like others, faced the truth:


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