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Funny Poems for Children

By Josie Whitehead

A Big Thanks to Google - Heading .jpg


By Josie Whitehead

Big Thanks to Google

When I ask Mummy something hard,

     Then this is her reply:

‘I’m busy now.  You ask your Dad.’

      She’s smart, you can’t deny.


When Daddy finds the question hard,

     He says: ‘I can’t stop now!’

He’s always doing something else,

     Whilst wrinkling up his brow.


Someone knows the answer though;

     He’ll help you, just you bet:

You’ll find him on the internet.

     Have you met Google yet ?


Write any question on the screen

     And give him time to look,

And there, alone in Google’s room,

     He’ll search inside his book.


He’ll find the facts and come right back:

     For certain he’s not dim.

So a great big thanks to Google, yes -

     There’s no-one quite like him!!


Copyright on all my poems

Yes, we poets find Mr Google a very

useful gentleman indeed!  So, if you

find any facts in my poems are incorrect,

write to Google, not to me please.

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